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15q logical thinking test


I am pleased that I scored 100% on my first try, though I suspect most (if not all) of you will do the same.

Moody?: busybusy


That was amusing... now to get picky.

I can't decide, but I feel #10 is ambiguous enough to be wrong.

"Paris is in New Zealand." is not the same thing as
"Paris is wholely contained within New Zealand"

So if we answer this as a question posed on set membership (as implied by 'in') we have a problem. (Thus assuming Paris is a set not a element which is also part of the problem here)

As a logic statement:

There exists no x in Paris that is not also in New Zealand.
All members of Paris are members of New Zealand

rather than:

There exists an x in Paris in that is also in New Zealand.

Re: That was amusing... now to get picky.

The other obvious example is of course something like:

Rome is in Italy.
Rome is in Ohio.

Which we can represent as a graph in a logically constant manner.

|--> Italy
'--> Ohio

(Ok, I _thought_ I was done being picky... I wasn't)


Re: That was amusing... now to get picky.

So I guess someone didn't get 100%?

Re: That was amusing... now to get picky.

I did get 100% but I totally agree that a few of the questions employed assumptions.

Aargh. I missed the last two. I should have gotten #14 right, but I take issue with #15.